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CNC Machining

Discover precision at its finest with Otay Manufacturing - your one-stop destination for impeccable machined parts. Our team, enriched with seasoned programmers, dedicated production engineers, and adept operators, employs state-of-the-art 5-axis and 3-axis CNC machining to breathe life into your projects.

Choose from our diverse range of machines - be it compact stand-alone vertical machining centers or expansive automated setups for both vertical and horizontal outputs. Catering to short, medium, or large-scale production runs, we've got you covered. And our commitment doesn't end at production; every piece undergoes rigorous inspection to match your precise standards.

Transform your concepts into tangible masterpieces. Choose Otay Manufacturing for unparalleled CNC machining excellence.

Otay Manufacturing
Precision CNC machining
5-axis and 3-axis CNC
Quality machined parts
Rigorous inspection
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Elevate your projects with Otay Manufacturing’s precision CNC machining. From small to large-scale runs, we guarantee impeccable craftsmanship in every piece.

"Otay Manufacturing's state-of-the-art CNC machine in action"

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Your Partner in CNC Machining,Tooling & Fixture, and Automation Engineering Projects
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